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Mystic Side Gift & Book Store
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Our Founder

**************************************************************************** This venture began in March of 2006 with two good examples to follow and a simple set of beliefs. Bonnie has had the opportunity to put this business together drawing on her varied skills and experiences. She has drawn on her life experiences and adaptability to new challenges. She was able to picture in her mind the layout of the store as well as the product lines and in some cases even specific products to be carried. This store is an extension of what she enjoys when she shops at other places. Her goal is to make customers comfortable by making the shopping experience relaxed and stimulating to the senses. "THIS IS A DREAM COME TRUE".

Bonnie is a life long resident of central upstate New York. A graduate of Paul V. Moore high school in Central Square, majoring in the Arts and Business.

She received a Certification in Cosmetology from Oswego County BOCES.

Bonnie passed the New York State boards to become a licensed Cosmetologist. Bonnie owned and operated a Cosmetologist business in Brewerton for several years.

Bonnie went on to become manager and chief buyer in a retail store for several years.

Due to lack of significent salary and benefits Bonnie then went on to work in the manufacturing sector. Bonnie excelled at her new skills and adaptability by working in several sections of the facility. She took additional training and developed additional skills whenever possibile. On several occasions she was asked, by management, to provide special training programs for new employees or employees transferred from other departments.

Outside of work life, Bonnie has had a quest to learn, continuing at both the formal and informal levels. She has attended seminars, workshops and schools including Onondaga BOCES.

Bonnie has inherited a spiritual path because of a long line of ancesters with abilities as mediums and healers.

Bonnie completed several intensive courses in the magical area including two courses in wiccan studies. She has completed level I and II studies of Reiki and is continuing her studies to become a Reiki Master.

Bonnie has also had great interest in the history and beliefs of world wide religions. Bonnie is very open minded and respectful of all religions of the world. She is more than happy to assist anyone with questions or concerns on their own personal path and the discovery of their own self.

Several years ago we took a trip to SALEM MA. We stopped at the neighboring city of Malden MA to visit the grave sites of ancesters buried at Mystic Side Cemetary. First known as Mystic Side, Malden MA was settled in the 1630s by Europeans who were drawn to its location along the Malden River, a branch of the Mystic River. Originally part of Charlestown, it became a town in 1649 and was incorporated as a city in 1882. The name stuck with us and came to mind when considering a mysticial name for a metaphysical and new age business.

We are a member of the Plank Road Chamber of Commerce in central upstate New York. Plank Road chamber covers parts of the towns of Cicero, Clay and Salina and the villages and hamlets of Mattydale, Hinsdale, Pitcher Hill, North Syracuse and Cicero in northern Onondaga County (County named after the Onondaga Nation).

We are listed on AND AND AND as well as listed on google and ask.


ROMI (from Romi and Michelle)