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* * We reserve the right not to serve anyone we do not wish to sell to. We do not wish to offend any parents and their restrictions on their children. Our store policy restricts access and sales to any person under 18 with parental supervision, we added this because we do not wish to offend parents. We do not want nasty phone calls from parents.

All persons including customers may be photographed, including electronically, at any time while in the store or on the premises. We will not allow soliciting in our building nor loitering outside of our building or on the grounds. We do not offer credit or credit card services.

SALES AND PAYMENTS: We DO NOT have an ATM machine, but there are several locations in the area that have ATM machines available to the public. We accept customer debit/credit cards offered by VISA, MasterCard and American Express, only. Payments for telephone and e-mail sales are limited to bank and postal money orders, or allowable CREDIT AND DEBIT cards.

We DO NOT accept COD payments.

We charge shipping and handling on any product shipped anywhere in the continental United States. Minimum shipping and handling charge is $9.80. Generally, shipping is by USPS - Parcel post. We will charge extra for insurance and for shipments by Express Mail, Priorty Mail, UPS and Fed/Ex. We WILL NOT ship outside the continental United States.

Payments for In-Store purchases may additionally include DEBIT AND CREDIT CARDS Bank or postal money order, cash or checks*. However, checks are accepted SOLELY AT THE DISCRETION OF MANAGEMENT, FIRST, generally they are limited to banks or credit unions within the SYRACUSE area and TWO forms of identification are required, with one ID a government issued photo identification(ie. Passport, a New York State drivers license, military ID, NYS Non-drivers identification,, etc.)


We WILL NOT accept payroll, governmental or third-party checks.....

We don't want to deal with returned checks therefore we will charge a $50 (Fifty Dollar) service charge PLUS reimbursement for any and all service charges placed against our account as a result of the returned check PLUS replacement of amount of returned check. We will do some or all of the following; call you twice, send you a certified letter, post a legal notice in the newspaper and/or send it to the Onondaga County Disrict Attorney.

We will accept only cash or bank money order payments for redeeming returned checks. We reserve the right to list and publish the names of returned check presenters in any media, including newspapers and online.

All sales with in New York State will be charged State and Local Sales Taxes. Sales at the store will include New York Sales Tax rate and the Onondaga county rates, currently a total of 8%.

Sales shipped and delivered to any point within New York state will be charged the sales tax rate applicable to the locale AT POINT OF DELIVERY.

If we are at Psychic Fairs or shows or events we will be charging the applicable rate for the locale of the sale. (Point of sale)

We accept properly completed New York state and local Sales and Use Tax exemption certificates and supporting documents for items purchased and paid for by the "qualified individuals and organizations". We will not accept blanket certificates. We will not charge sales tax on deliveries outside of New York State unless directed to by an appropriate agency or department. We will from time to time offer discounts, rebates and refunds totally at our discretion.

RETURNED MERCHANDISE: Returned merchandise must be returned in original condition, in original packaging with a copy of invoice or register receipt. All refunds or credit is for merchandise only, return shipping is not refundable.

Defective merchandise requires notification by mail, telephone, fax or e-mail with in ten (10) business days of date of purchase and must be delivered to the store with in 30 days of purchase. A replacement, refund or credit issued will be SOLELY at the discretion of the management.

A refund or credit will be issued for NON-Defective merchandise but items must be returned with in 10 (ten) days of purchase date with register receipt and is subject to a 15% restocking charge. Returns of "Special Orders" will be charged a 25% restocking charge. After 30 days no refund or credit will be issued.


The following quote is always appropriate and cannot be repeated enough. " Metaphysical and Healing lore information is for educational, inspirational and entertainment purposes only." " Mystical lore on healing and spiritual healing information is not to be construed as a prescription, diagnosis or health care information." " See a physician or other health care provider for all ailments, diseases and injuries."



All teachers, readers, massage therapists, and reiki practitioners are renting space from us and are independent contractors and not employees.

Any services or views or statements expressed by them are not necessarily those of the owners or employees of Mystic Side.

All images and artwork used on this site are either owned by, or are public domain, or are used with the permission of the authors.

We assume no liability for any use or misuse of any product, service nor information on Metaphysical or Healing lore. We assume no liability for property damage or personal injury resulting from the use of any products sold. Customer assumes all risks involved in receipt of order. In short, you screw up, you have only yourself to blame


These items should NEVER be left unattended or near small children and should NEVER be placed near curtains, drapes, fabric, paper or any object that is flammable or could catch fire. Customers should use caution with holders.


Small crystals and stones should NEVER be left near toddlers and babies. Small stones especially tumbled stones, have an appearance similar to candy. Customers should be advised that crystals and stones should only by used by children with ADULT SUPERVISION and are not recommended for young children.


The (FAA) Federal Aviation Administration requests that all small general traffic be equiped with transponders and flight lights when used for night flight and when VFR is not practical.

We are located with in the flight path of Syracuse Hancock International Airport. The FAA points out that in high traffic areas near airports, the Air Traffic Controllers have a difficult time identifing small general traffic below 1000 feet.

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