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What is a Massage Therapy
Massage, that ancient art of manipulating soft tissues and muscles for relief of stress, poor circulation, or for stimulation of muscles, is widely known and widely practiced. From men and women looking to relieve the tensions of the daily grind to the disabled who need to keep their muscles from atrophying, nearly everyone has gotten a massage at some point. Massage therapy has gained so much popularity over the years that masseuses are in nearly every spa, salon, and chiropractic clinic.

Massage therapy is routinely recommended for physical ailments like arthritis, chronic fatigue, back and neck pain associated with accidents, and even for the autistic. Apparently, beyond the physical stimulation provided, there is also a mental component to massage therapy. By allowing the body to relax through a serene massage therapy session, the racing minds of the massaged can also be eased, calmed, and soothed. This is particularly appealing to people who never seem to get a break; between full-time jobs, homes, families, and all of the superfluous matter that takes up life, there is rarely a moment to oneself, wherein someone else takes care of your body and soul.

Again, massage therapy is used for a number of reasons, and for good reason. You see, massage therapy can provide many benefits, like improved circulation, which is especially troublesome for the elderly, and almost exclusively in the legs. A regular treatment of massaging the legs can dramatically improve the effects of poor circulation, like tingling in the extremities, pain when walking and standing, and so forth. Another reason massage therapy may be used is to stimulate overworked or injured muscles, because the manipulation of the area can cause oxygen-rich blood to pervaded the area, bringing the healing power of air to the affected muscles. This stimulates the cells to speed up the healing process.

One of the other great benefits of massage therapy is for reducing swelling. When fluids accumulate in one particular area of the body, often times massaging the area can help the body better absorb the excess fluid. Swelling of the extremities, such as the ankles, can be alleviated with regular massage therapy. In fact, this is not only a relaxing experience, but it is also apparently beneficial to the health to partake in massage therapy. After all, retaining fluids is not particularly healthy, so regular massages that reduce that swelling can aid in healthier tissues. Pregnant women especially tend to reap rewards from massage therapy, as the aches, pains, and swelling that expectant mothers experience is often relieved by a relaxing massage.

It should be noted that some medical conditions may prohibit massaging, so in the case of a health problem or condition, it is best to discuss your wish for massage therapy with a physician beforehand. Nevertheless, when it comes to massage therapy, there are many ways for people to gain benefits from massages. Massage therapy comes in multiple forms, whether full body or localized, higher friction, deep tissue, kneading, rocking, or vibration. There are so many options when it comes to massage therapy, and it is beneficial to so many people. In fact, massage therapy, while not a medical procedure, can aid in the health and rehabilitation of just about any body.

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